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5 key things you should know to move a piano safely

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In case you’re planning to move a piano, you need the ability to take care of business. Moving such an overwhelming, bulky, and costly item is no cakewalk and the edge for mistake is thin. There is no possible way you can move the piano independently without anyone else’s help. Even the most grounded of individuals can’t move a piano on their own. You will need the correct piano moving equipment to move the piano,apart from strict attention and patience.

Moving a piano, in a word, is troublesome; but here’s how you can move a piano safely and avoid all the hassle.

  1. As a matter of first importance, the kind of piano one is trying to move is fundamental to the entire moving process. Weight is distributed differently in different types of pianos. For instance, an upright piano conveys all its weight at the top end and has very delicate legs. The size and extent of the piano are additionally significant, since one should make the exit-plan and resettling for the piano.

  1. Since moving a piano is such a difficult task, it is suggested to buy the appropriate moving gear for the move. Ties to help with lifting the piano off the ground will put essentially less strain on the movers, and the less strain the better! You will additionally need to rent a moving truck or some other vehicle that is equipped to move a piano from one place to another (if you are moving it outside home. The move won’t be effective if there is no method of transportation ready to accommodate such a huge, overwhelming object.

  1. Ensuring the piano, second to securing oneself, is another significant factor to consider in the moving procedure. As pianos are very delicate concerning their internal instruments, one little mistake could leave you with a costly damage. It is prescribed to wrap the piano with defensive covers, either with sheets/covers or an expert cover. To make your move effective, you’ll need your piano as it is, with all its moving parts.

  1. With regards to actually moving the piano, you will need individuals helping you. Using your legs in a semi-hunched down position with a straight back, lift your part of the arrangement with your grip immovably under it. Everybody moving the piano need to expect this posture and everybody should cooperate verbally, letting each other know about things early. It is significant that each couple of steps you should stop, put the piano down, and restore your grip. This will divide the undue strain and will allow everybody to take a break when required without any problem.

  1. When you have the piano set up where you need it, it is basic that you check it for any harm it may have continued during the move. You need to make certain it is the same when you reviewed it before the move. When in doubt, all pianos after a move will require a touch of tuning as it is difficult to keep the complicated systems of the piano from moving a bit when moved. You might also need a piano storage service if you don’t want it at the destination immediately. You can check piano storage cost online or ask your local piano mover to get a quote prior to moving.

At long last, the best way anybody can move a piano is to contract the expert piano movers. Proficient piano movers like MB-PIANOSTORE Piano Moving can ensure an effective move that puts essentially no worry on you!


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