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Piano well-being

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

1. Keep your piano in tune. Regular tuning will help to ensure that your piano sounds its best and will help to extend its life.

2. Keep your piano clean. Dust and other particles can accumulate on the strings, dampers, and soundboard, and should be removed regularly.

3. Protect your piano from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can cause the wood in your piano to warp and crack.

4. Make sure your piano is stable and level. Pianos should be placed on a solid, level surface to avoid any damage or loss of tuning.

5. Use a piano humidifier. Dry conditions can cause the soundboard to crack or warp, and a piano humidifier can help to maintain proper humidity levels.

6. Handle your piano with care. Always use both hands when moving the piano and never lift it more than an inch or two off the ground.


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